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Olen avoin monille työmahdollisuuksille: Asiakaspalvelutyöt (esimerkiksi vastaanottovirkailijan ja oppaan työt), englanninkielen opettaminen, siivoustyöt, tontun työt.

My short-term goals are to be able to speak, write, read, and listen in Finnish well, to work a job well which can pursue my long-term goal to develop the company where I work for. Giving the best service to my company is the short-term goal I want to do everyday. I am pretty open to a variety of jobs, for example receptionist, guide, cleaner, freelance writer, translator, teacher, and many else.
I have a good communication skills as I like to communicate with people and give the best services to them. Also, I can speak English, Indonesian, and a little Finnish (still learning process too). Also, because I have experiences in the field of customer service and education as a receptionist, and English debater, and a teacher, so it really trains my communication skills into advance. I am good in computer for Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Photoshop. I can write articles, story, and translate English-Indonesia and vice versa. I can cook Indonesian food. I like to bake and cook, do exercise, and learn many other new skills like music, cleaning, etc.
In total, I have had more than 5 years working experience which most of my job is freelance for example as a teacher, writer, English debater. I have 1,5 years formal working experience in a hotel as a receptionist and as an English teacher in one vocational school in Bali.
I am a kind of person who is easy to adapt and learn new things and tasks. So, that’s why I am open to many jobs position. In addition, I am a cooperative and manageable person. It means that I am good working both in team and independent assignments. I like to communicate to people as I believe that all works can be done well because of the good communication is involved. For me, time is also one of the important thing because people do not have much time to wait for us for the service they want. So I always try my best to give the best service to my company and the customers.


Bachelor Degree of English Literature in University of Brawijaya.

Aiempi työkokemus

1 year as an English teacher in Voccational school in Bali, Indonesia,
5 months as a receptionist in Hotel Santika Premiere, Malang, Indonesia,
4 years as a freelance writer and teacher.


I plan to have a hygiene passport test this month

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